Our O Level Curriculum

Form 1 and 2

The following subjects are offered at Form 1 and 2.
Note: We follow the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus for all our O Level subjects

Form 1 and 2 students can take up to 12 subjects.
Students obtaining lower marks in pure sciences at Form 1 and 2 will be encouraged to take up Combined Science as from Form 3.

Form 3 and 4 Subject Selection

At Form 3, students are encouraged to choose subjects based on their strengths and perfomance at Form 1 and 2. A minimum of 10 subjects is allowed per student

The following Subjects are compulsory and must be done by all students

In addition to the compulsory subjects, students take up either of the following groups of subjects.
Students must choose one of the two groups

Option 1 Option 2
Combined Science Biology
Religious Studies Physics
Literature (Optional) Chemistry
Information & Communication Technology Computer Science
Additional Mathematics (Optional)

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